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  1. Why modular kitchens?

    Modern, multi-functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchens are the harbingers of change and convenience in a typical Indian household. The need of the hour is kitchen solutions that make the modern woman and man’s time in this part of the house organised and pleasurable. After all, it is truly the pulse centre of any home. They should be able to store kitchen essentials, find them with ease, not struggle with opening and closing fixtures, and most of all, who doesn’t want a very, very good looking kitchen?

  2. What does a modular kitchen comprise?

    Godrej Kitchen systems includes handpicked ranges of intelligent solutions that will seamlessly fit into a modular kitchen. These are made keeping in mind the wear and tear that everyday usage brings. Our storages are sturdy and beautiful, and make working in the kitchen a pleasure. With inventiveness at its core, these urban kitchen necessities can be replicated in any household across the country. They are specially designed for users who want to make life simpler in the kitchen.

    Our Kitchen systems include ergo boxes with customised features that suit every need; cutlery organisers and inserts; corner solutions; multi-use baskets; swing trays; swanky and agile softpro lift up solutions, anti-slip fixtures, and basically everything else that makes efficient use of each corner and small space of a kitchen.

    As the house of foods in all shapes, sizes, and consistencies, a kitchen must be well-equipped and installed to handle storage of various kinds. Godrej Kitchen systems also comprise arrangements such as a range of draw channelsbesides a comprehensive range of various kitchen applications.

  3. How will kitchen systems help me?

    An organised and well-structured kitchen goes a long way in saving time and efficientlyutilising space. If the cook knows where to reach out for their many culinary needs, their cooking life is bound to be more rewarding and swift. Most of all, with the right amenities, they will also find it easy to store their myriad kitchen essentials in the right place without cramping in things.

  4. What about durability and quality?

    Products under the Godrej umbrella are synonymous with quality. With respect to Godrej Kitchen systems, as always, quality has been at the top of our list of priorities. Factors such as the world-renowned BIFMA standards, stringent quality tests of SGS along with Godrej test labs ensure supreme quality standards to last the wear and tear of everyday use. These systems undergo a stringent and scientific set of tests and checks to do with their lifecycle, material composition, plating thickness, and corrosion resistance. Our myriad quality-check measures ensure that customer expectations are surpassed and their experience of usage is thoroughly enriched.

  5. How do I maintain a modular kitchen?

    While designing your modular kitchen, be sure to allot dedicated areas for cleanliness management and waste collection. In this way, your time in the kitchen will be cut short and this space will remain neat. It is important to top clean each fixture from time to time to avoid the setting of grime. Special cleaning clothes or even an old toothbrush can go a long way in maintaining every corner of your systems and ensuring a long life.